After-sales and maintenance service


Charvet Digital Media is committed to giving you a quality result and proposes a range of services from the moment you acquire your equipment and throughout the duration of your contract. Our after-sales department is the best qualified to repair our solutions because we produce them ourselves.  All our products have a 1 year manufacturer guarantee. We suggest that you sign a maintenance contract to carry out the maintenance and servicing of your communication solutions, but also to notify you of eventual problems. We also provide a non-contractual after sales service. 

Charvet Digital Media product maintenance

Compared to the not always clear guarantees provided by suppliers on the market, Charvet Digital Media prefers transparency!

We design and produce ISO 9001 certified equipment in France ourselves. We only sell our equipment directly or through a professional network of reseller partners and dealers close to you. The After-sales service is either provided by our regularly trained and qualified partners on their own behalf, or directly by our teams through a maintenance contract.

Maintenance contracts: a bespoke offer

Charvet Digital Media proposes different maintenance contracts adapted to your needs and your budget, as well as extended guarantees on site of up to 10 years:

The guaranteed intervention times are increasingly short between 4 hours and 5 days depending on the contract! Multi-risk insurance and equipment loans in cases of technical necessity, a Hotline at your disposal, servicing and cleaning operations, the regular update of your control software, an anti-tampering option, the management by us of your resources and communication subscriptions…

Create your own custom pack using our on demand services or economy packs: Zero worries with our maintenance and service contracts… Charvet Digital Media takes care of everything!

Our maintenance contract advantages: 

Total safety for care-free use and equipment always in perfect working order is what the Charvet Digital Media maintenance and safety contract guarantees. Indeed, maintenance contracts have many advantages:

  • Free interventions (parts, labour and travel on site),
  • A contract adapted to your needs,
  • Fast interventions,
  • Available Hotline support,
  • Remote maintenance,
  • The commitment of a French manufacturer,
  • Extension and renewal possible for up to 10 years,
  • Solutions that are always in perfect working order.

Take advantage of our responsiveness for the After-sales, maintenance or repair of your Charvet Digital Media dynamic display system.