Dynamic led screens

Dynamic LED screens: a high-performance solution to meet all communication needs

LED video panels to develop closer relationships with citizens and customers

Considered as prime marketing tools, LED video panels help reach communication goals in a relevant way. Developed by Charvet Digital Media, these display systems fit into many different environments. Indeed, the surroundings play a key role in optimising visibility and being sure that the presence of indoor or outdoor screens is truly useful.
Both LED message boards and electronic displays can be found in shopping centres or single store catchment areas. Their advertising potential is just as important in the point-of-sale itself. A shopping mall can accommodate a giant screen, whereas a pharmacy or bank can enhance their store’s image by displaying the outdoor temperature or a digital clock.
Companies may also wish to install dynamic LED screens to ensure long-lasting and constant activity. Their promotional scope is in fact an obvious driver for growth and helps stand out from the competition; but most importantly it is used to make a mark in a specific professional field. Consequently, there are lots of implantation options to be considered by many different companies whose motivation is generally their desire to stand out.

Indoor and outdoor LED screens: an opportunity for towns to exchange and provide useful information

Charvet Digital Media’s offer regarding LED screens is generally aimed at towns and territorial communities. Installing this kind of device in the heart or outskirts of town boasts many different advantages:

  • Boosting attractiveness for residents who wish to settle down in town;
  • Supporting local economy and in particular tourism, thanks to an information and promotional system that is both reliable and flexible;
  • Reporting on the town’s news: meetings, festivals, sporting or cultural activities organised by the town hall’s teams or associations;
  • Optimising signposts on various routes, by offering solutions well-suited to street configuration and thus provide much clearer directions;
  • Equip the local public transport network as well as departure and arrival hubs such as stations and airports.

The point of LED video panels lies both in their multiple layout possibilities and in their functionalities.

The various advantages of dynamic LED screens

Installing screens means taking space constraints into account, as well as how many people walk by them and device visibility. In addition to designing, manufacturing and installing their devices, Charvet Digital Media is also in charge of starting them up. To do so, the Lyon-based company also provides management software to handle anything to do with LED display panel networks.
The software is easy to use and accessible, namely thanks to its functional interface. Its automation tasks ensure the displayed information is regularly updated. Dates, times and meeting points can therefore be modified in a quick and easy way. As for indoor and outdoor LED screens, information scrolling speed or display time can be personalised. Perfect for drawing people’s attention to the message conveyed and broadcasting as much information as possible.
If required, you can alternate between text messages, visuals (logos, adverts, etc.) and videos. Some sign systems can even be boosted with added connectivity, to better guide pedestrians and road users in a specific direction. Of course, this technological feature is only added upon request. Dynamic display solutions offer many more opportunities for interacting with travellers, using information terminals for instance.

Customising your choice of dynamic LED screens prior to installation

With a view to answering each request in a precise manner, Charvet Digital Media offers an exhaustive range of screens. Depending on the desired use, available space and budget, orders can be modulated regarding the following features:

  • Design: screen format, structural aspect and fittings are criteria used to integrate LED video panels into their environment;
  • Display quality: resolution is essential in ensuring excellent readability. Some screens can handle ultra-HD (or 4K) resolution, whereas standard-definition screens are more than enough for broadcasting texts;
  • Customers can opt for a coloured or monochrome display, making the device more modern or understated;

As for outdoor screens such as advertising panels, Charvet Digital Media’s devices comply with all legal obligations. Since their revision in 2012, these obligations prohibit the installation of structures exceeding 8 m². As such, project-holders can rest assured in knowing that all urban regulations have been complied with, whilst benefiting from a high-performance communication and information system.

Charvet Digital Media, an expert in dynamic illuminated displays

After 40 years of business and technological evolutions, Charvet Digital Media stands out with its ability to adapt and innovate, to produce display panels that are as sustainable as they are efficient. This is namely the case for dynamic LED screens or outdoor digital advertising. ISO 9001 certified since 2000, the specialist in dynamic illuminated displays offers modular solutions that adapt to the specificities required for each individual project. This is namely thanks to:

  • Constant innovation: research units work on material properties, design and implemented technologies (smart objects, LED, etc.);
  • Personalised project management integrating any special requests. Depending on end use and partner profiles, offers also take customers’ changing needs into consideration;
  • Our services can be selected as a package or individually with regard to maintenance and upkeep. Certain contractual offers include free service calls;
  • The possibility of selecting a long-term rental plan whilst still benefiting from tailored follow-up from Charvet Digital Media;
  • Experienced teams able to suggest extensions, layout changes and the replacement of old systems at the end of their life cycle.

Support and strong company values to develop close customer relations

Conscious of the many existing environmental concerns, Charvet Digital Media ensures clean service calls by collecting, storing and recovering waste. This concerns both installation operations and calls for upkeep or troubleshooting, for all outdoor or indoor LED screens.
As for management software maintenance, minor operations are done remotely to reduce downtime for your LED displays. In the event of a malfunction or technical query, a hotline is available to all customers.
Charvet Digital Media is a member of several different organisations, with a view to becoming actively involved in the development and innovation of dynamic illuminated displays. They belong for instance to the Lumière cluster, the SNPE (French National Syndicate for Outdoor Advertising) and E-visions, another professional union. As proof of its skills and service quality, the company was awarded the Origine France Garantie (French Origin Guaranteed) label.
For further and more detailed information about dynamic LED screens or Charvet Digital Media’s services, a contact form is available via our website. Our specialised workers (project managers, sales team, etc.) will answer you as promptly as possible. Simply enter your contact details and message in the dedicated fields.