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Charvet Digital Media: expert in electronic displays

Advantages to outdoor digital displays

As a manufacturer of LED panels (create a link to LED panel manufacturer) for the last 40 years, Charvet Digital Media offers a large selection of electronic displays. Aimed at many business sectors, all in need of means of communication, these devices offer a number of advantages on a daily basis.

Varied and configurable information

Outdoor digital displays make it possible to control several communication devices simultaneously and independently. You can therefore broadcast information on all or part of your devices at once. With a view to managing and programming the broadcast messages, Charvet Digital Media suggests the use of a user-friendly, remote terminal. All you need is a web browser, to manage and select which information needs to be communicated. This is an efficient solution, combining the efficacy of a mass-media tool and the targeting process of a customised message.

Messages adapted in real-time

Whether yours is an industrial or sporting display solution, our device enables you to adapt your messages easily and in real time. You can for instance create a programming grid thanks to which information can be changed according to defined time slots. The advantage of this kind of display is that it can be managed in real time. Thanks to a much shorter diffusion circuit, you can use an instant communication approach.

Versatile communication

Outdoor displays mean you can easily vary diffusion formats. This is perfect for communicating via fixed or animated images, using a video or even just a simple text. This versatility means you can regularly change communication formats, whilst still captivating your targets’ attention.

A many-formed means of communication

Displays can be of many different forms. Above and beyond mere LED display panels, you can also opt for static or dynamic screens, display posts, LED colour displays, electronic furniture, display panels, pharmacy crosses, horizontal or vertical devices, displays containing one or several screens, or even electronic newscasts. These various solutions mean you can communicate in the way that suits you best.

Appreciated communication

Outdoor digital displays are more often than not perceived as a source of information rather than as intrusive advertising. According to studies conducted by ISPOS and KPMG, 9 out of 10 consumers have a positive opinion of electronic displays in points of sale.

Cultural, industrial or sports displays: solutions for all business lines

Here at Charvet Digital Media, we endeavour to offer well-adapted solutions for all kinds of business lines. This is why our display solutions are so versatile and adaptable. Since our creation, we have accumulated 10,000 business references from very different fields of activity. Professionals from all sectors can use our communication devices, designed specifically for their needs.

  • Sporting displays: the world of sports has very particular requirements when it comes to visual communication. Whether in the heart of a stadium or near a sporting complex, outdoor digital displays must meet a higher-than-average need for resistance and visibility. The solutions developed by Charvet Digital Media do just that.
  • Communication for communities: as opposed to other sectors, towns, departments and regions almost exclusively broadcast information. This does not however prevent them from needing to meet image and immediacy requirements. As such, our display devices take specific community requirements into consideration.
  • Cultural displays: cultural centres, museums, performance halls and libraries need efficient communication media that do not jeopardise the premises’ image. For these customers, Charvet Digital Media thinks up and develops specific displays to meet their particular constraints.
  • Industrial information: in addition to being confronted with major technical constraints, industrial companies have a duty to inform their audience in the most efficient way possible. In light of these issues – which vary greatly from one company to another – Charvet Digital Media personalises and customises solutions.
  • Communication for shop-owners: pharmacies, bakeries, petrol stations and supermarkets face very specific challenges when it comes to visual communication and information broadcasting. Electronic displays are the perfect way to keep their attractiveness up, playing a key role in visibility and drawing customers in. Conscious of these challenges, Charvet Digital Media creates bespoke devices that meet the specific requirements of all trade professionals.
  • Professional advertising displays: advertising agencies and stakeholders as well as special event companies have particular and generally temporary needs when it comes to broadcasting information. Far from the issues met by industrial or sporting displays, these professionals must be able to maximise the impact of their messages and communication campaigns. This is the reason why we offer tailored solutions.

Electronic displays: Charvet Digital Media’s services

Charvet Digital Media is currently one of the leaders on the French market when it comes to electronic displays. We put our expertise at the service of professionals with specific needs in terms of visual communication and information broadcasting. With a view to offering the most comprehensive service possible, we take part in every step of our customers’ projects. This versatility means we can provide tailored services to all.

Designing solutions

Whether you are looking for industrial, advertising or sporting displays, Charvet Digital Media makes a point of providing you with a tailored response. In charge of designing products, our design office is able to offer you the most functional, high-performance and visually-appealing equipment on the market.

Advice for outdoor digital displays

When making your choice, Charvet Digital Media also has a sales department available to help you out. Available to listen to your issues and needs, our teams offer the best-suited solutions to your projects.


Giant screen, display post, newscasts, etc.: we make all this equipment internally – within our factory located in Miribel, just outside Lyon. Our production department is in charge of manufacturing all our standard and tailored solutions, as per a carefully thought-out and controlled process. As proof of excellence in what we do, we are ISO 9001 certified and boast the Origine France Garantie (French Origin Guaranteed) label.

Installing our electronic displays

Our installation department goes on-site to set up your equipment, checks that it works properly and trains you in using it. Once installed, you can then manage the equipment quickly and autonomously.

Upkeep and maintenance for communication devices

Whatever the type of electronic display you may need, Charvet Digital Media can be called on-site for preventive and curative interventions, thus limiting the risk of malfunction. To ensure good durability for your communication device, we also proceed to regular updates of the steering software.

Assistance in the event of an incident

Our hotline service is available for all functional or technical questions. If deemed necessary, our engineers may even intervene remotely to resolve certain problems with your display.

Contact Charvet Digital Media for all your electronic display projects. We undertake to answer you as promptly as possible, and to provide a tailored response.