Giant led screens

The giant LED screens developed by Charvet Digital Media

Large LED displays for optimised and dynamic displays

Charvet Digital Media designs, manufactures and markets giant LED screens – which can be found in stadiums and in general public areas for example. Since its invention, the LED technology (“light-emitting diode”) has never ceased to evolve. The diodes are getting increasingly smaller, economic and efficient. LED screens enable an optimised display of well-balanced colours and well-defined contrast. This technology is perfect for large LED displays, with a view to creating high-resolution giant screens able to display texts, images and videos.

Coloured LED screens shine through thanks to their versatility

Several ranges of giant LED screens are offered here at Charvet Digital Media.

  • Lediamedia: This large-format colour screen has a display surface area of 4.92 m² or 7.68 m². The giant screen displays a perfectly clear and bright image, with a reading angle of 170°. The device can be in portrait or landscape mode and either single- or dual-faced. The rear face can either be a LED screen or taut canvas support. The Lediamedia screen is the ideal model for town and community communication.
  • Bespoke giant screens: Charvet Digital Media offers tailor-made screens, with strengthened brightness and contrast. Their reading angle can reach 160°. Depending on the customer’s needs, the screen can be integrated into an independent casing and applied to a wall or supporting structure. Various resolutions and definitions are available. The giant screen is managed thanks to user-friendly software that reads all kinds of files (JPG, AVI, GIF, etc.).

Sports pitch perimeters: a must-have for stadiums

This very long screen is also known as a “perimeter screen”. Indeed, it is fitted all the way round a stadium or sports pitch. This is the kind of large-format LED displays found in stadiums. It enables advertisers to broadcast their ads during matches. Charvet Digital Media has two ranges of perimeter screens available: “Pro” and “Premium”. The “Pro” range uses DIP LEDs (dual inline package) to ensure clearly-visible displays. The “Premium” range uses SMD LEDs (surface mounted device) – an advanced technology for even more precise displays.

Large-format LED screens for indoor use

Giant LED screens are also perfectly suitable for indoor use. Indoor LED displays are particularly useful in shopping malls, covered stadiums and performance halls.

  • Bespoke indoor LED screen: Available in several different resolutions, our indoor LED screens achieve excellent image rendering. They also offer a wide reading angle of 160°. Charvet Digital Media is able to make your screen as per your required dimensions.
  • Scoring cube: This large-format LED display is bestowed with four screens, each rendering exceptional image quality. Their reading angle is 170°. This is the perfect solution for adding animation and further interaction to sporting events.

Indoor LED displays: Charvet Digital Media’s core business

For over 40 years now, Charvet Digital Media has been providing the very best display equipment to its customers. Originally, the company manufactured monumental clocks for the industrial sector. Over the years, it enhanced its offer to suit company requirements and adapted to technological progress. Nowadays, Charvet Digital Media focuses on digital media and more specifically LED display panels.

Giant screens for all business lines

Large-format LED displays – for indoor or outdoor use – help companies and communities improve their visual communication. These solutions are applicable to many different business lines.

  • Sport and leisure: LED displays are a staple feature in the performance industry. They are a fundamental part of sound and light operations, making the show that much more magical. Giant screens are also a must-have for sporting competitions. In indoor stadiums, they can be found in the form of flat-screens or scoring cubes.
  • Shops and advertising: Large buildings such as hypermarkets and shopping malls provide large surface areas open to communication. Large LED screens fitted onto buildings enable brands to broadcast their adverts in a more notable way. The biggest LED screens create a real digital surface, giving the urban environment a more futuristic appeal. Large-format indoor LED displays are also available to better communicate with customers.
  • Towns and communities: Companies are not the only entities who need to communicate information. Communication is also a major challenge for towns wishing to promote cultural, associative or sporting events. High-performance large-format colour displays can be used to provide quality information to local citizens. When fitted on public buildings, (gyms, exhibition halls, hospitals, etc.), tailor-made screens are perfect for broadcasting information interactively.

Design and innovation: Charvet Digital Media’s DNA

For Charvet Digital Media, design and innovation are two core values. LED screens need to be as functional as they are visually appealing, to best adapt to public areas. The company works alongside the biggest design agencies to launch all-new products. It was rewarded several times, namely with the Étoile du Design (Star Design) prize in 2017. In terms of innovation, Charvet Digital Media gets daily support from establishment such as BPI France, CCI Innovation and Cluster Lumière, an association working towards innovation in the field of lighting technologies.

Giant LED screens made in France

By manufacturing its display screens and panels in France, Charvet Digital Media obtained the Origine France Garantie (French Origin Guaranteed) label for its “Premium” range. This label highlights the company’s French know-how and asserts the origin of the manufactured products. The company is also ISO 9001 certified since 2001. This quality management standard ensures high quality levels for all products and services offered. In manufacturing its products, the company applies a strong sustainable development policy, and boasts certain eco-designed products. It strives to limit electricity and raw material consumption, sorts waste and recovers products at the end of their life cycle.

Teams committed to customer service

Charvet Digital Media teams are divided into several departments – each with their own customer service expertise.

  • The Design Office designs all the screens and the software used to manage them.
  • The Production department develops large-format display solutions, as well as other products from the Charvet Digital Media catalogue.
  • The Sales department advises customers and offers them standard or tailored solutions that are perfectly-suited to their needs.
  • The Technical and Customer Service department installs solutions on site and provides training in how to use the management software. The team also goes on-site for screen maintenance and upkeep tasks.
  • The Hotline service is available to customers with questions about how to use their equipment, or with technical queries.
  • Charvet Digital Media also offers long-term equipment rental options to customers looking for more flexible payment terms and the possibility of upscaling their equipment during its life cycle.

Do you wish to improve your visual communication thanks to a large LED display? Are you looking to find the best solution for your project? Then contact our teams now!