Led billboard

Charvet Digital Media: your partner for LED billboards

LED billboards: a high-performance communication solution

Installing a LED billboard can help you rise to a lot of communication challenges. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, it can be used to promote a brand’s visual identity, a message or a communication campaign. As companies each have their own goals and constraints, Charvet Digital Media offers a wide and varied range of equipment. As a manufacturer, we have a comprehensive range of products including signs, window displays, free-standing advertising boards, giant screens and urban display screen with light emitting diodes. All these indoor and outdoor digital advertising will help you reach your communication goals.

All products manufactured by Charvet Digital Media meet very high-quality requirements. This is why you draw the most benefits out of them on a daily basis:

  • Superior light quality: the light emitting diodes cast very high-quality light with no UV rays. They are therefore much higher-performance and healthier than standard display solutions.
  • A revolutionary technology: LED billboards, just like any other LED displays, consume much less energy than traditional electronic display media. In addition to reducing daily energy consumption, this technology is extremely long-lasting. This makes your investment profitable after very little time.
  • Optimal displays: the advantage of LED displays is that they offer optimised designs and colours. As such, your message or brand identity are better presented, enabling you to reach out to your target populations better.
  • A versatile and unique display: the boards can be of many shapes and sizes, meeting all our customers’ specific requirements. They show high resistance to harsh weather and are easy in terms of maintenance if you care for them a little every day. Not forgetting how simple they are to manage and configure.

A manufacturer of LED billboards with you from A to Z

Drawing on close to 40 years of experience, Charvet Digital Media is now one of the most renowned LED billboard manufacturer in France. Yet our expertise does not merely include manufacturing. Thanks to our cross-functional team, specialised in its field of expertise, we are able to support your electronic display project every step of the way.

Defining your needs

Beyond all else, Charvet Digital Media makes a point of listening to your projects and needs. From there, our teams advise and guide you to the right solution for you and your display project. If relevant, we will start by suggesting a standard LED billboard. Should you have any individual expectations, we will then design a bespoke communication display specially suited to your goals.

Manufacturing a LED billboard

Charvet Digital Media creates the medium you need internally. We manufacture our communication solutions in the heart of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, in a 2,300 m² building. With your satisfaction being our primary objective, we follow processes in line with the ISO 9001 standard. We also have the Origine France Garantie (French Origin Guaranteed) label. This is all proof of our know-how in the manufacture of electronic displays.

Installing your communication media

Relying on our dedicated team of installers, we are able to install your LED billboard within a very short time frame. Our teams do their utmost to meet your constraints and ensure a durable and high-quality set-up.

Upkeep and maintenance

Once your indoor or outdoor digital advertising device has been installed, Charvet Digital Media’s work does not stop there. Our after-sales service is available, regardless of your needs. With quality as our leitmotiv, we offer a wide range of upkeep and maintenance services for the entire duration of your contract. In addition to ensuring short lead times, you can also benefit from a comprehensive insurance policy, and we undertake to lend you any necessary equipment in case of a technical mishap. Charvet Digital Media also offers a hotline you can call, the update of your LED billboard steering software, as well as upkeep and cleaning services.

Charvet Digital Media, an expert in indoor and outdoor digital advertising

You may be looking for a high-quality service provider for your indoor or outdoor digital advertising needs. Discover all the great reasons to put your trust in Charvet Digital Media:

  • Long-standing experience: founded in 1978, Charvet Digital Media has been designing and installing LED billboards for the last 40 years. We put this know-how at the service of your digital advertising needs.
  • A versatile service provider: Charvet Digital Media accompanies you every step of the way. From design to electronic display upkeep, you are guaranteed an expert by your side.
  • A committed professional: in addition to being ISO 9001 certified, Charvet Digital Media is part of many professional groups whose ambition is to promote good and innovative practices.
  • An innovative partner: for any creation, we make every possible effort to offer you an original and customised solution. As proof of our innovative spirit, we received several awards such as the Étoile du Design 2017 (2017 Design Star), the Trophée des Objets Connectés 2016 (2016 Connected Objects Trophy) and the Trophée de la Compétitivité 2016 (2016 Competitiveness Trophy).
  • A French manufacturer of LED billboards: established in Miribel, near Lyon, Charvet Digital Media boasts French know-how. As proof of our commitment, we design our equipment in the heart of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and boast the Origine France Garantie (French Origin Guaranteed) label. Perfect for making the most of a local partner’s expertise.

Do you wish to call upon Charvet Digital Media for the manufacture and installation of your LED billboard? There is just one thing left to do: contact us !