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Charvet Digital Media, the expert in LED display panels


High-performance LED display board


Since its creation in 1978, Charvet Digital Media has become one of the leaders in France in designing communication solutions using electronic displays. As such, we can accompany you in the completion of your LED display panel projects. With a view to meeting your specific needs, we are able to design, manufacture, install and ensure maintenance for your LED display boards.


In addition to offering a wide range of customised solutions, Charvet Digital Media develops very high-quality indoor and outdoor LED displays. Made of light emitting diodes, our equipment stands out thanks to its ultra-high-performance light quality. Boasting a longer lifespan than standard lighting, our panels help limit energy consumption whilst enjoying high mechanical resistance and avoiding the emission of UV rays. These features will bolster the overall quality of your illuminated signs.


In offering you this high-quality level, Charvet Digital Media commits to complying with the ISO 9001 certification. Our teams endeavour to respect an internal quality charter, so as to optimise the entire manufacturing process. The LED display panels we design also comply with various other applicable standards (EC, RoHS, etc.) and are environmentally-friendly (recycling, waste reduction, etc.). Thanks to our electronic display solutions, you are guaranteed the very best on the market.

A large choice of outdoor and indoor LED display panels


Drawing on over 40 years of experience, Charvet Digital Media is able to design any solution you may need. We also offer bespoke design services. Our goal? To provide customised answers to all your electronic display communication needs.
Our know-how in the manufacture of LED solutions means we can offer a wide selection of versatile and diverse equipment. In line with your expectations and constraints, we are namely able to recommend the installation of:

  • Illuminated display panels,
  • Newscasts,
  • Pharmacy crosses,
  • Giant LED screens,
  • Diode-illuminated signs.

Indoor and outdoor LED display solutions for all sectors


Our versatility means we are able to offer our services and products to a huge proportion of establishments. Regardless of the message you are looking to convey to your audience, we offer LED display panels that specifically meet the needs of your line of business:

  • Communities: towns, departments and regions have specific needs when it comes to visual communication and image. This is why we specially design solutions perfectly suited to the needs and constraints of communities.
  • Transport: given the nature of their activity, transport professionals need bespoke display solutions. In this line of business, we manufacture versatile and customised equipment which perfectly meets their expectations in terms of communication.
  • Culture and sport: cultural centres, stadiums, performance halls, etc. All these places require specific indoor or outdoor LED displays. As such, our electronic display solutions take the specificities of the sporting and cultural world into consideration.
  • Industry: industrial companies face technical constraints on a daily basis when it comes to visual communication. Our LED display panels consider all these issues, and provide tailored and efficient solutions.
  • Local shops: when working with pharmacies or petrol stations, we offer a wide range suited to their needs and meeting the constraints of sector-specific communication. Thanks to our LED display panels, shop owners can communicate with their customers in real time.
  • Advertising: when working with agencies and other advertising stakeholders, Charvet Digital Media develops tailored LED display panels which bolster the impact campaigns and messages have on their audiences.

A to Z support when creating your LED display panel


Charvet Digital Media is much more than a mere installer of LED display panels. Whatever your electronic display needs may be, we will accompany you every step of the way. You can, at any time, make the most of our expertise to find a perfectly-suited solution.


Our teams are at your disposal to listen to your expectations and constraints in terms of electronic displays. According that what you need, we will first suggest a standard product insofar as it meets your requirements. If not, we will look into the most suitable solution, to meet your communications needs, stay in line with your budget and comply with any professional constraints.



In addition to being renowned for its sense of innovation, our company is highly-acclaimed for its commitment to quality. Not only are we ISO 9001 certified, but we also boast the Origine France Garantie (French Origin Guaranteed) label. This clearly proves our know-how in the creation of LED display panels.



Our long-standing experience means we are able to install our electronic display solution in very little time and in line with your expectations. Indeed, our teams make every effort to guarantee the lifespan and quality of your indoor or outdoor LED display.

Maintenance and after-sales


For the entire duration of your contract, Charvet Digital Media can also ensure the after-sales and maintenance of your display equipment. Our available warranties mean you can make the most of:

  • short lead times,
  • a guarantee protecting you against any degradation risks,
  • equipment loans,
  • a hotline service,
  • maintenance visits
  • and even the regular update of your steering software.

All these services guarantee you absolute tranquillity.


Drawing on over 40 years of experience in the indoor and outdoor LED display requirements, Charvet Digital Media puts its expertise at the service of projects such as yours. Thanks to our cross-cutting teams of professionals, we offer tailored support every step of the way: from the design of your communication device to its upkeep. Do you wish to make the most of our experience for the installation/creation of a standard or bespoke device? Contact our teams.