Led display

LED displays: an efficient means of communication for boosting visibility

Programmable LED displays: an innovative concept in the heart of dedicated environments

Whether it is a business or shop that needs representing, communication tools are essential for standing out from the competition. As regards towns and communities, LED displays help enhance attractiveness. This namely requires the installation of modern devices, such as panels for outdoor digital advertising, giant screens and message boards. A whole range of tailored products developed by Charvet Digital Media.
Programmable LED displays consist in minimising the upkeep and update of the management software. Message automation and the broadcast of images or videos are based on very specific settings. Thanks to an IT tool designed for easy and pleasant use, information can be added daily whilst reducing the time needed to do so. Ideal for focusing on the content of a message, its scope and its goals without having to worry about potential technical constraints.

Outdoor and indoor LED displays: what are their features?

In fact, outdoor and indoor LED displays are extremely modular when it comes to their specific features. The latter pertain both to LED technological performance and to design, not forgetting product size. Charvet Digital Media is thus able to offer LED message boards based on the following points:

  • Selected screen resolution: Whether in full HD or 4K, our Lyon-based company’s work ensures perfect movement fluidity in videos and enhanced precision in images. As for text messages, they boast optimal visibility;
  • Size or format: to cover an entire building façade, adorn a shopping centre or add to road signs, our various screens adapt to all visibility needs. This means working on anything from small signs to large structures in stadiums or event locations;
  • The type of installation considered: LED displays can be placed on a mast, inserted in a standard panel (petrol station prices) or be applied to the front of a building;
  • The design: each project is carefully researched when looking to integrate electronic displays in their environment. Shape of the frame, choice of materials, horizontal or vertical layout, monochrome or colour broadcasting, etc.

Lots of uses for programmable LED displays

Charvet Digital Media makes it possible to modernise your offer, according to your project’s specific features and environment. With this in mind, programmable LED displays stand out as being a long-lasting solution in several industries. It is indeed a particularly user-friendly and reliable tool for regular and even constant updates. This is an important asset for changing petrol prices at stations, or the real-time update of available parking spaces in a car park for example.
There are also lots of strategic challenges to be considered when installing outdoor and indoor LED displays. This applies to companies who wish to stand out in their field of activity. Local business owners, shops and major brands are also affected. Advertising your know-how or product quality is an important part of boosting visibility among customers. Development potential is similar to that of creating a website.

Urban displays: boosting attractiveness to enhance business

Once again, we have here the quality of an understated and easy-to-handle interface, used to make any changes necessary. LED message boards are ideal for use in an urban environment. From flow management to announcing information about the town, our infrastructures adapt to your communication needs, regardless of how dissimilar or complementary they are.
Displays are a major part of special event organisation. Inaugurations, activities organised by municipal workers, cultural events, seasonal festivals, practical information, etc. – having a network of LED screens in your town means ensuring you never lose momentum, whilst making yourself more appealing to people only just settling in. As such, our installations are a significant vector for tourism and local sites to be visited.
Programmable LED displays also play a key role in the following activities and places:

  • Construction work: setting up temporary signs and organising alternative routes are essential to ensure smooth-running traffic on the roads in question;
  • Stations and airports: departure and arrival times, alerts in the event of a delay and details about the lines concerned, cancelled flight or train, etc. – with so many people constantly requiring information, specific equipment is needed to provide clear and accessible information in several different places at once;
  • Setting out a trail for pedestrians or road users, namely people who use a town’s public transport;
  • Stadiums and events: sports, trade fairs, conference rooms, inaugurations, etc. Lots of events require advertising to ensure enough people come. This is generally the perfect opportunity to convey messages about the topic in question, or to highlight partners or sponsors.

What support is needed for maintenance and upkeep?

Whether you have an outdoor or indoor LED display, Charvet Digital Media offers a range of services specially-suited to its upkeep. This concerns the boards and panels themselves, as well as maintenance for the management software. Whether in the form of à la carte services or a package deal, you can benefit from free service calls for emergency repairs or the replacement of out-of-order parts.
A hotline was also set up for customers, to answer any technical queries. Moreover, service calls done in the form of remote maintenance have shown enhanced efficacy and speed, so your advertising panel, giant screen or LED display for showing information about your town is fixed in no time. Charvet Digital Media’s support is long-lasting. As such, customers are able to subscribe to a long-term rental contract, or call upon the Lyon-based company’s expertise to help your communication and visibility needs evolve in the eyes of customers or citizens.
With its strong sustainable development policy being a core concern for Charvet Digital Media, the company also focuses its energy on environmental issues. It makes a point of complying with eco-responsible values in all facets of its activity:

  • Design and manufacturing of LED panels and screens;
  • Installation and upkeep of the devices;
  • Innovation in the choice of materials and technologies used.

This translates into collecting and sorting waste when installing and ensuring upkeep for LED panels, recovering products at the end of their life cycle, and aiming to provide low energy consumption systems.
You can of course get more information about our LED display solutions. Set up a meeting with a project manager or request a tailored sales proposal. To do so, simply fill in our contact form so the teams at Charvet Digital Media can answer you as promptly as possible.