Led message board

The LED message board, a new communication tool by Charvet Digital Media

LED message display: boost visibility and improve communication

With a view to ensuring constant visibility, Charvet Digital Media offers innovative solutions that can be adapted to any project requiring the installation of LED message boards. From stadium equipment to urban communication tools, the know-how of our Lyon-based company can be applied to many professional and public areas. Namely for city planning and fittings in shopping areas.
Having LED message boards in a given context helps meet your different and various needs for visibility. This communication tool is an essential of any urban planning or advertising equipment project. This applies both to external structures and to the inside of certain buildings. Charvet Digital Media stands out as a specialist in LED displays, and offers different solutions for exhibiting and conveying specific messages.

  • LED screen façades to adorn public and private buildings alike;
  • Outdoor LED displays for drivers: information boards in car parks, connected signs and direction signposts;
  • Urban planning, for improved communication of news linked to the town;
  • Development of illuminated signs for independent shops, shopping areas and businesses;
  • Special event coverage: cultural event, stadiums (giant screen), shows, etc.

These outdoor LED displays provide users with information than can be modified in real-time. This makes it possible to adapt the message and ensure its durability with regard to the target’s expectations – whether they are passers-by, customers or drivers.

At whom are outdoor LED display solutions aimed?

Charvet Digital Media’s know-how is aimed both at private partners and public infrastructures. Car park management companies, towns, independent workers, groups of shops, etc. The need for increased visibility affects countless professional fields.
In an urban environment, LED message boards create local momentum. Their purpose is to inform whilst remaining neutral. To do so, integration is a fundamental aspect of the design process when creating outdoor screens. Depending on the case in question, it helps assimilate the equipment as an integral part of the surroundings, or as an extension of a building.
For companies and shops alike, LED message display also have a promotional edge to them. Communication regarding a product or know-how requires a direct link to the target, to draw in their attention. Hence the need to modulate our digital panel offers for each project. Their use may also convey a company’s values, thanks to a slogan or catchphrase.
Calling upon Charvet Digital Media is therefore particularly relevant for special events. You can make the most of a weekly or exceptional event to bring people together around a central LED message board. This is an efficient and easy way of achieving your goals using relevant communication methods.

Different ways to use our LED message boards

As the information can be varied and serve different purposes, the displays are available on a daily basis. They can be used for:

  • Stating prices in a petrol station, or car park rates and number of spaces still empty;
  • Show the time on a digital clock;
  • Notify passers-by of the presence of a shop in a specific catchment area;
  • Make connected signs available on various roads of an urban and suburban area.

It should be noted that the dynamic LED screens displayed above roads comply with all regulatory restrictions stipulated in decree 2012-118 dated 30 January 2012. The latter specifies that outdoor advertising cannot exceed 8 m².

Making the most of adjustable features for LED screens and electronic displays

Once again, Charvet Digital Media’s adaptability guarantees the fitting of indoor or outdoor LED displays of varying shapes and sizes. To benefit from clear and readable information, the display’s colours can also be changed. Monochrome colours help viewers focus in on essential information, presented in a high-quality format. Conversely, colour displays bring a more modern touch and can lead to more varied layout ideas – such as the integration of an image or video.
Other points should also be considered when manufacturing LED message boards:

  • The format: expressed in square meters, it complies with legal provisions and covers private areas such as shopping centres in giant screens;
  • The resolution and possibility of high-definition, to broadcast videos and images in addition to text messages;
  • Indoor or outdoor use of the fitted screens;
  • Easily-accessible usage software, with a clear interface so the communication tool can be managed however the user wishes;
  • Signage structure (on a post) that can either be free-standing or stuck to a façade;
  • Subtle and discrete panels of various shapes and sizes: horizontal, vertical, rectangular or square.

Charvet Digital Media, an expert in digital display and communication solutions

Anticipating the need for LED message displays means showing proof of innovation in the field of communication. Within 40 years, Charvet Digital Media has thus adapted to technological evolutions to offer increasingly high-performance display solutions. As proof of the quality of our services, our company is ISO 9001 certified.
In addition to taking care of the design, production and installation of indoor and outdoor LED displays, our teams are also in charge of their maintenance and upkeep. Support is proof of professionalism, as it monitors the durability and proper operation of the equipment.

Tailored and adjustable solutions to meet customers’ changing needs

It is also possible for customers to opt for the long-term rental of LED message boards. This service requires no guarantees or additional costs. It helps boost budget flexibility whilst enjoying a scalable solution to suit your own needs. From equipment replacement to adding an extension, lots of possibilities are available to communities and companies. Similarly, Charvet Digital Media modulates its offer based on the original contract and financing solutions already underway.
Rental duration can range from two to seven years, or possibly longer upon request. Regardless of whether customers opt for a package or à la carte services, maintenance lead times are always very short when it comes to the upkeep or repair of fitted equipment. Depending on the conditions of the signed contract, Charvet Digital Media ensures perfect transparency when it comes to its interventions, and makes sure they come at no extra cost. This applies to the work done, travel expenses and the spare parts to be changed on the LED message displays.
Installation terms, prices, LED message board availability lead times, etc. For further information on the services and products offered by Charvet Digital Media, feel free to contact our teams via our contact form (link to contact form).