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Charvet Digital Media, LED panel manufacturer for digital display solutions

An expert in the design and installation of LED panels boards, always attentive to its partners

Calling upon an experienced LED panel manufacturer means you can benefit from obvious know-how in the field of communication. This helps meet the need for increased visibility. From promotional to urban planning projects, the sector covers both advertising messages and information about the town, as well as road signage.

The Charvet Digital Media adventure began in the 1970s. Thanks to its innovative display solutions, the company soon became a major stakeholder in its line of business. From outdoor screen to the installation of public and private infrastructure, our Lyon-based company stands out thanks to its know-how and ability to adapt to extremely varied projects. These projects include information terminals in airports and road traffic management thanks to dynamic signs visible to cars and pedestrians alike.

With flat screens becoming more and more accessible and the last decade’s technological evolutions, Charvet Digital Media has become a renowned LED panel manufacturer. Charvet Digital Media obtained the ISO 9001 certification in 2000, thus guaranteeing high-quality services and equipment. To better meet our providers’ requests, our company joined several professional unions – namely E-visions, Cluster Lumière and SNPE.

Adjusting our offer and products to each and every LED display panel installation

Charvet Digital Media adapts its LED panel board offer to its various projects, and with this comes the adaptation of its services according to specific needs:

  • The long-term rental offer, which is extremely flexible regarding contractual stipulations;
  • Services or interventions either à la carte or covered by a package for better value;
  • Remote management of standard technical glitches in the administration software to reduce downtime;
  • Suggested layout and extension depending on the model already in place and the environment.

The company also offers customised support, thus providing close-knit relations so all requests can be answered effectively.

What conditions are there to installing LED display panels?

To meet the needs of communities or private companies in a relevant manner, Charvet Digital Media takes several factors into account before organising the installation of LED display panels.

  • Integration into a given environment: indoor or outdoor area, layout and constraints linked to the premises;
  • Compliance with any regulations in force: decrees published to limit the size and surface area of LED panel boards when used as outdoor advertising;
  • A framework of rigorous technical rules to be considered during project management, production and interventions for installation and maintenance;
  • A sustainable development policy, based on eco-responsible values: choice of raw materials, displays and signs with low energy consumption, sorting and gathering of materials following installation and maintenance, collection and recovery of structures at the end of their life cycle.

Charvet Digital Media covers all design, manufacturing and installation procedures, not forgetting maintenance for fitted LED displays. This kind of support guarantees quick and efficient interventions, whilst making it possible to anticipate future needs. The company is generally better suited to present optimisation solutions for future layouts. This applies both to the renewal of equipment already in place and to the installation of extensions to boost visibility in any given area.

Innovation, a key feature in elaborating high-performance LED panels

With a view to preserving our teams’ excellent adaptation abilities, Charvet Digital Media also owns a design office. Design, properties of the materials used, integration to the exhibition environment, etc. A number of criteria come into play when creating a LED display panel. Software issues are also included in the design and production approaches.

For improved autonomy and easier administration of digital systems and solutions, the management software offers providers a great deal of flexibility. Content modification, message update, the possibility of integrating videos and images, etc. Whether regarding giant LED screens (create link to giant LED screens), community information panels or signs for shopping areas, the system’s easy use goes hand in hand with the increase in visibility offered by the devices.

Main areas of operations for LED display panels

As a LED panel manufacturer, Charvet Digital Media offers its skillset to many potential partners.

  • Territorial communities, towns and public organisations;
  • Private companies;
  • Show-owners and business groupings such as shopping centres;
  • Public transport networks;
  • Construction work professionals;
  • Managers of private areas such as car parks.

The use of LED panels also affects more specific fields such as sporting events, cultural events and road signs. Managing traffic and practical information in real time is also one of the services provided when using a LED message board.

The different devices developed by Charvet Digital Media

To meet all kinds of requests, Charvet Digital Media has proven know-how in lots of different models of LED display panels.

  • Connected digital signs so drivers can find their way better on the roads driving through a given territory;
  • Outdoor informational screens, to keep up-to-date with local news about the town;
  • Giant screens used in stadiums and shopping malls;
  • Fitting on building façades, to go with light effects;
  • LED advertising panels, for boosted visibility and comprehensive use of the catchment area;
  • Information systems for petrol stations and car parks: rates, number of empty spaces available, etc.

Each item can be adjusted in terms of size, positioning and resolution. As an example, the promotion of videos or images is recommended on high-definition screens in Full HD or 4K – even for large screens.

What are the advantages of calling upon an experienced LED panel manufacturer?

A manufacturer such as Charvet Digital Media sees a project both as a whole and with all its specificities. Each request is different and has its own goals – which will determine the kind of digital display solutions to be considered, and not the other way around. Information, news or advertising. The orientation, size and technical features will be dictated by the requests made prior to the project being launched.

From a simple date and temperature display to giant LED screens, Charvet Digital Media’s offers ensure safe use and reliable installations. Located right near Lyon, our company has a hotline customers can call for technical questions about the management software or LED panels. Questions may concern upkeep or programming possibilities to be adjusted according to use and to how long the information needs to remain on-screen.

To elaborate your project in the best possible conditions or to receive any additional information regarding Charvet Digital Media’s qualifications, our contact form is openly available. Whether you are looking for information on the installation of LED display panels, contract details or simply want a quotation, all requests will be processed as quickly as possible.