Long-term rental and associated services

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Long-term rental, a financing solution.

As dynamic display solutions do not always fit in with your cash flow, or if you want to regularly renew your equipment, Charvet Digital Media proposes to rent your digital LED screen or other digital communications solution (iGirouette, lediamedia screen, LED panels , LCD screens…). Charvet Digital Media provides a rental service for your solution that has many advantages:

  • Rental for any period (from 2 to 7 years or more) with clear commitments,
  • Simple and fast operating mode (no administrative fees, no securities),
  • Absolute transparency of the finance proposal,
  • Budget flexibility,
  • Possible upgrade or extension of your equipment during its service life with financing by changing it or amending the original contract. 
  • Associated maintenance and After-sales contracts.

Financial rental is adapted to your economic constraints and therefore to budget flexibility. 

(h2) The services associated with long-term rental

Long-term rental allows you to get kitted out while benefiting from budgetary flexibility, but also provides many associated services. Firstly, rental will allow you to easily renew your equipment with more cutting edge equipment over the years, but also to benefit from the associated services. Indeed, by taking out a long-term rental contract you can also take advantage of the maintenance contract and software upgrades. Long-term rental allows you to stay modern by easily upgrading to new dynamic display communication solutions.