Outdoor digital advertising

With Charvet Digital Media, you can maximise the impact of your outdoor digital advertising


The outdoor digital panel – a device with many advantages

Charvet Digital Media is currently a renowned stakeholder in the DOOH and OOH sectors. What do they refer to exactly? The first is an acronym for Digital Out Of Home, and the second for Out Of Home. In more concrete terms, these acronyms refer to all outdoor advertising set up in public areas – so in the streets, stations or airports for example. If the communication medium is static paper, we refer to it as an OOH advertising screen. When the medium is a panel, we refer to it as DOOH advertising.
For the last few years now, outdoor digital advertising has been one of the media with the highest recorded growth. In 2017, advertising revenue incurred by DOOH systems increased by 16.1%, compared to only 1% for television for instance, as stated by a study conducted by Displayce. As for screen-based communication, OOH systems have dipped 3%. Yet it should be said that electronic advertising offers companies many advantages.

Additional support

It helps complete the range of available media, and makes it possible to reach prospects in an original manner and in new and exciting areas.

A well-liked medium

Various studies have shown that digital media were better-liked than OOH advertising screens. Taking the AMCA’s word, 70% of the French population find screen-based communication to be interesting. Not forgetting that digital panels are generally more efficient than paper advertising.

An efficient means of communication

According to Displayce, this type of medium also enables companies to improve their reputation (for 68%), generate higher in-store customer flow (64%) and stand out from competitors (40%). This definitely leads to maximising your communication.

Reducing costs

In the same way as giant LED screens  or information display posts for instance, outdoor digital advertising is a solution boasting lower usage costs. As opposed to paper-based communication, digital systems mean messages can be broadcast instantly, and campaigns can easily be modified in real time. This limits installation, adaptation and usage costs in general.

A solution offering a large variety of possibilities

As opposed to an OOH advertising screen, a digital panel leaves much more room for creativity. Though it is of course possible to broadcast a fixed image or simple text, advertisers are also able to display animated images, videos, or even certain special effects (sounds, smoke, vibrations, etc.).

A medium that could do with more evolution

The use of digital advertising is still fairly limited nowadays, and this medium could offer lots of new possibilities in the years to come. Thanks to programming software, advertisers will be able to choose where and when messages are broadcast – in line with several criteria such as the number of passers-by and the weather. This could lead to countless possibilities in the future.

Our digital solutions: the perfect alternative to OOH advertising screens

Although OOH advertising screens no doubt still have a few good years left in them, Charvet Digital Media is convinced the future lies in outdoor digital advertising. This is why we developed numerous panel formats, to meet all kinds of corporate needs.

  • Lediamedia: this solution is able to broadcast texts, images and videos using more than 281 billion colours. In addition to offering incredible luminosity and a wide reading angle, this medium boasts a contemporary and elegant design.
  • Elencia: this medium is presented in the form of an illuminated newscast. Thanks to its extra-flat format, it is perfect for use in the city centre. Specially designed for communities, it is used to broadcast information in real time.
  • iGirouette: this little digital panel is used to broadcast information in real time to customers. This medium not only helps guide customers, but also draws them in and enables them to experience something different.
  • Displayers: Charvet Digital Media also offers displayers specially designed for car parks, petrol stations and pharmacy crosses. These outdoor screens offer numerous possibilities for clear and precise information, perfectly-suited to all kinds of business lines and their various issues.
  • Tailored solutions: to ensure your advertising has an even bigger impact, we can also create your very own communication device.

You can choose its size, definition, resolution, integration type and even design based on countless manufacturing criteria.

Outdoor digital advertising for all business lines

Thanks to the various communication solutions offered by Charvet Digital Media, outdoor digital advertising means requirements from all business lines can be catered for. Proof of this is that we currently have 10,000 business references from very different sectors.

  • Towns and communities: here at Charvet Digital Media, we design your panels with a view to reinventing and valuing urban communication. Thanks to our smart, versatile media, your community can become a real SmartCity. This means boosting the efficacy of town-, special event-, sport- and prevention-related information.
  • Shops and advertising: for these sectors in particular, we make sure their outdoor digital advertising rhymes with visibility and profitability. Thanks to the broadcasting of promotions or contests, you can simplify sales operations and reduce operating costs whilst enhancing your sales potential.
  • Major projects: Charvet Digital Media is a real designer of digital architecture. For large-scale projects such as communication to be put up on the front of a building, we are able to develop innovative solutions to meet your high ambitions.
  • Transport: as you need to inform your users in due form, Charvet Digital Media offers several solutions – such as iGirouette or information displayers. This kind of equipment will help you optimise your communication, to inform your public in real time of any changes.
  • Sport and leisure: our panels are also suited to the world of sports, culture and the performing arts. Bestowed with an ability to reflect your momentum, this type of medium draws the audience in and brings your messages to life.
  • Industry: more so than any other business line, the industrial world is governed by certain technical constraints. This is why broadcasting information can be so tricky, yet is so important. Charvet Digital Media designs versatile solutions for companies, that meet their specific limitations.

For all your outdoor digital advertising, feel free to contact our teams. We will send you a prompt, personalised response.