Outdoor led display

Charvet Digital Media, a specialist in outdoor LED displays

Outdoor display screens: the very best dynamic displays there are

As the leader in outdoor LED displays, Charvet Digital Media offers various types of screens. LED displays boast many advantages: they are reliable, dynamic and draw people in. This makes them perfect for efficient communication.

Monochrome display panels

Monochrome LED outdoor display panels are namely used by towns and cities to communicate with their inhabitants. These display panels can easily be recognised: they show yellow illuminated letters on a black background. Charvet Digital Media offers three monochrome display panel models.

  • Elencia: A small panel boasting a graphical screen measuring 1.04 m² at most.
  • Elaris Premium: An illuminated information panel made in France, with a display surface area ranging from 1.38 m² to 2.12 m².
  • Elora Premium: This model boasts a graphical surface area ranging from 1.84 m² to 2.29 m² and can integrate coloured lines to better display the message theme. French origin guaranteed.
  • All these models boast a modern and elegant design, and can easily be programmed thanks to our company’s web interface.

Coloured display panels

Coloured outdoor display screens ensure attractive communication. Images, texts, animations and videos can all be displayed. This type of display is highly-acclaimed by towns and companies. They can be found in public areas and on buildings. Charvet Digital Media offers three coloured display solutions for outdoor use.

  • The Lediavision L coloured diode display: This panel fits in perfectly to an urban scene and boasts a high-definition screen. Size can vary between 1.6 and 3.5 m².
  • Lediamedia: This large panel is fitted with a high-resolution colour screen, with a surface area of 4.91 m² or 7.68 m².
  • Bespoke creation: Charvet Digital Media also offers tailor-made outdoor screens. Customers can choose the size they need. This kind of screen is directly fitted onto a building, and is perfect for point-of-sale advertising and Town Hall information. As such, not only can it be found on shops but also on hospitals, gyms and exhibition centres.
  • All these screens are able to broadcast various file formats (JPG, PNG, AVI, GIF, etc.) thanks to easy-to-use creation software. Moreover, they comply with regulations pertaining to outdoor advertising and store signs.

Sports pitch perimeters

Perimeter screens are well-known to sport enthusiasts. They light up stadiums harmoniously with their LED features. This screen goes all the way round sports pitches to display adverts. Charvet Digital Media offers “Pro” ranges with DIP LEDs and “Premium” ranges with SMD LEDs. The difference between these two ranges lies in the LED technology used. SMD LEDs (surface mounted device) provide higher-performance displays than DIP LEDs (dual inline package).

Car park information

Car park display devices are fitted with very high-luminosity diodes, for perfectly readable information. These single- or dual-faced display devices show information that is essential to car park users (open, closed, empty, full), as well as the number of remaining spaces.


Charvet Digital Media invented iGirouette for improved mobility. This panel, with its motorised arrows, revolutionised the industry with its LED screens integrated to the arrows. Towns can now communicate in real time based on different information feeds, including social media. Using a dedicated app, passers-by can find out what direction they should be going in: within just a few seconds, the arrows align pointing the right way!

Charvet Digital Media, an expert in outdoor display panels

Created in 1978, the company was originally specialised in the manufacture of monumental industrial clocks. Charvet Digital Media then evolved, offering innovative dynamic and illuminated display solutions.

Solutions for various business lines

Charvet Digital Media offers outdoor LED screens that meet needs expressed by companies working in very different business lines.

  • Shops and advertising: Supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores, shopping mall, etc. – LED screens can be used to communicate with customers, for instance to highlight promotional offers. With LED screens applied to their façades, buildings are now an attractive and interactive means of communication for brands.
  • Transport: The information conveyed to users in car parks, stations and airports must be clear and fully readable. Solutions such as the iGirouette, LED display device and car park information board are perfectly suited to these needs.
  • Sports and leisure: Displaying information near stadiums and performance halls, as well as in sporting infrastructures, is now made easy thanks to colour LED screen.
  • Towns and communities: Outdoor LED panels – either monochrome or coloured – improve city centre communication. They can be used to broadcast local information, or notify of sporting, associative or cultural events.

Committed to customer service

Drawing on its long-standing experience, Charvet Digital Media shares its know-how in the field of outdoor LED displays with its customers. ISO 9001 certified and having obtained the Origine France Garantie (French Origin Guaranteed) label, the company provides equipment to numerous customers whilst keeping the notion of partnership constantly in mind. Conscious of the many existing ecological and environmental concerns, the company works based on a sustainable development approach when manufacturing its outdoor display screens.

Know-how and expertise

To meet its customers’ needs, Charvet Digital Media structured its company into several departments:

  • Design Office: Develops and designs the company’s outdoor LED display solutions, as well as the software.
  • Production workshop: Manufactures the screens and outdoor display panels, according with strict processes.
  • Sales Department: Helps customers choose the solutions best-suited to their needs.
  • Technical and Customer Service Department: Installs the equipment on-site and explains how the management software works. Teams also carry out any maintenance and upkeep work on the equipment.
  • Hotline: Answers any queries regarding the products: how they work and technical troubleshooting.

Innovation and design, two core values at Charvet Digital Media

The LED display solutions developed by Charvet Digital Media are not merely functional – they are also visually appealing. Equipment design needs to be particularly meticulous, for improved integration in an urban landscape. The company also focuses a great deal on innovation, with support from several external establishments: BPI France, CCI Innovation as well as the Cluster Lumière association – a major stakeholder in the field of innovation for lighting technologies. The company’s policy regarding design and innovation was rewarded with several prizes. In 2017, it namely received the Design Label.

Services: maintenance and rental contracts

Customers having opted for a Charvet Digital Media solution benefit from additional services, such as after-sales and maintenance. These services boast several advantages: 10-year warranty extension, quick and free service calls, equipment loans, etc. The company also offers a long-term rental service. This solution is appropriate when looking for easily-scalable equipment. Rental is also a great way for companies to better control their budget.
Are you a company or community looking to improve your communication thanks to an outdoor display screen? Do you wish to find out about the solutions best suited to your project? Contact Charvet Digital Media now and get all the answers to your questions!