Outdoor screen

Charvet Digital Media: your partner for outdoor screens

Require the very best for your outdoor LED screens

Outdoor LED screens are ultra-high-performance electronic display solutions. As you deserve the very best, Charvet Digital Media makes a real point of offering means of communication that meet the highest possible quality requirements. This is why our different outdoor screens boast many advantages.

A versatile means of communication

Our outdoor LED video display solutions come in many shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs and constraints, you can therefore opt for electronic newscasts, information systems for travellers, welcome posts or even information display devices. As a renowned LED panel manufacturer, Charvet Digital Media is able to offer you the perfect media for your communication.

A wide range of messages to be broadcast

Screens can be used to communicate lots of information and various types of messages. You can namely use them to broadcast fixed and animated images, corporate and special event films, or simple text messages. A certain level of adaptability will enable you to optimise your daily communications.

Customisable solutions

The outdoor screens offered by Charvet Digital Media are available in many shapes and sizes. They can be fitted horizontally or vertically, and be composed of 4, 6 or even 9 screens.

High-end light quality

LEDs – also known as light-emitting diodes – emit very high-quality light. In addition to not emitting UV rays, they offer better performance levels and are healthier than traditional display media.

High-performance technology

Outdoor LED screens consume much less electricity than standard displays. In addition to being much less consuming and thus allowing for reduced energy levels, this technology also boasts a very long lifespan. All these advantages make it very profitable soon after investment.

Easy use

Charvet Digital Media’s outdoor LED video display solutions are extremely easy to manage. The management and programming of displayed messages is done thanks to a user-friendly, remote, electronic broadcasting terminal. Furthermore, all you need is a simple Internet browser to manage and select the information to be broadcast on your screens – in real time and autonomously.

Outdoor LED video display: make the most of our tailored support

Charvet Digital Media is the current leader in France when it comes to outdoor LED video displays, and there is a reason for that. Thanks to our cross-cutting teams, we offer customers tailor-made support every step of the way. From the design of your display solution right down to its maintenance, we remain by your side throughout the entire process.

    • Designing your display solution: Charvet Digital Media is much more than a mere screen manufacturer. Our primary goal is to advise you in choosing the most suitable form of communication. Based on your expectations, budget and constraints, our teams will offer you the best possible solution. If a standard format is not appropriate for your outdoor LED screen project, our designers will suggest a bespoke device. Our goal? To meet your specific communication requirements.
    • Manufacturing your screen: once your outdoor video display solution has been defined, Charvet Digital Media will take care of its internal manufacture. Everything is carried out in our factory, located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. In addition to showcasing our French know-how, we also comply with the industrial ISO 9001 standard. For you, this guarantees a regulatory communication device that is efficient, sustainable and of high quality.
    • Installing your outdoor LED screen: Charvet Digital Media has its own dedicated team of installers. Meeting high expectations in terms of installation quality, they can fit your device in quickly, sustainably and efficiently. If you have any specific constraints, our teams will adapt to your requirements to ensure full satisfaction on your behalf.
    • Maintenance for your communication device: once your screen has been installed, Charvet Digital Media offers bespoke maintenance contracts. A cleaning service will ensure the proper upkeep and sustainable preservation of your device. Our teams are also in charge of regularly updating the management software, and can lend you equipment if you are having technical difficulties.
  • Service calls for your screen: with a view to ensuring constant quality, Charvet Digital Media can carry out service calls for repairing your electronic display. For the entire duration of your contract, you will therefore be comprehensively covered in the event of an incident, and have access to a dedicated hotline. Our service calls are thus completed as quickly as possible, to reduce downtime for your equipment.

Outdoor screens: Charvet Digital Media’s advantages

Day in, day out, Charvet Digital Media commits to ensuring you are fully satisfied with your outdoor LED video display. To do so, we have lots of benefits you can enjoy on a daily basis:

40 years of experience in completing your projects

Founded in 1978, Charvet Digital Media has over 40 years’ experience in the design, installation and maintenance of outdoor LED screens. For you, this means making the most of what the company does best in terms of video displays.

A partner for all business lines

Given our long-standing experience, we can advise and support all kinds of business lines. As proof of our know-how, we now count over 10,000 business references. This is why we are the perfect partner for transport companies, communities, industries, advertising and special event professionals, and stakeholders in the cultural and sporting world.

A high level of requirement

Charvet Digital Media has been ISO 9001 certified for the last 15 years now. In manufacturing your outdoor LED screens, this means you are guaranteed high-performance, high-end solutions that comply with the very latest standards. We also strive to promote virtuous behaviour and show an innovative approach. This is why we belong to several professional groups who endeavour to ensure excellence in electronic displays on a daily basis.

A sense for innovation

Thanks to an expert and passionate team, we do our very best to reinvent our business every day. Our sense for innovation has been rewarded many times. We namely received the Étoile du Design 2017 (2017 Design Star), the Trophée des Objets Connectés 2016 (2016 Connected Objects Trophy) and the Trophée de la Compétitivité 2016 (2016 Competitiveness Trophy).

A partner near you

Established in Miribel, not far from Lyon, Charvet Digital Media offers local support services. This proximity helps better comprehend your display goals, and meet them within the shortest possible time frame. From the design to the maintenance of your communication support, as well as manufacture, everything happens in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. This is in fact the reason why we have the Origine France Garantie (French Origin Guaranteed) label.

Do you have an outdoor LED video display project? Charvet Digital Media’s teams are at your disposal to help you complete it. Feel free to contact us soon.