ALLURE® : Monochrome illuminated billboard
Allure monochrome

Monochrome display panel, LED information log

Reinvent and enhance urban communication with our range of monochrome illuminated billboards: ALLURE®. Modern and elegant LED street furniture to communicate in your city.

Information LED outdoor

In brief

New range of monochrome billboards suitable for all cities.

With ALLURE®, personalize your device in the colors of your community, distribute your information widely and in real time to your citizens in the era of the digitalization of urban space.


  • A choice between single-sided, double-sided parallel or oriental and wall mounted
  • A monochrome display in white, amber, red, blue or green LEDs
  • A display area of ​​1.38 to 2.07 m²
  • Two display qualities available: 6 min pitch *, 10 min pitch
  • Lumignon: point of reference for your inhabitants
  • Customization of the color of the upper part of the frame


  • Large and real-time broadcasting of your municipal information, sporting, cultural and administrative events
  • Very simple control of your screens thanks to intuitive and responsive software for instant communication
  • Simultaneous display of your ALLURE messages on the Illiwap citizen application

Charvet Digital media has designed a new range of monochrome billboards in perfect harmony with the urban environment.

Iconic furniture to convey the messages of the communities in the colors of the city.

In a vertical or horizontal format, the large ALLURE® LED screen blends in perfectly with a digital design trend. This LED street furniture has in particular the thinnest screen frame on the market, for an optimal display surface.

A device in the colors of your city

Allure LED panels are customizable devices. They are equipped with a tealight that is a luminous landmark for your inhabitants.

You can choose the color of the part of the frame, so your dynamic led POS displays the colors of the municipality’s graphic charter. Red, green, blue … it’s up to you.

Charvet Digital Media innovates and goes even further with monochrome: often presented in amber or white LED, we suggest you design your messages from 5 colors to choose from: white, amber, blue, green and red. Finally, this new range of illuminated information panels is scalable. Our designers are working on providing new features: wifi connectivity, recharging your smartphones, etc.

LED display panels for the SMARTCITY

Our new illuminated electronic ALLURE® logs have been designed to meet the new demands of connected information: instant information, automatic weather forecast, time and date, saint of the day …

Online message control software is included with the installation of the LED panel. It makes it possible to distribute information to citizens in the form of text and animated gif in a simple and modifiable way in real time.

In addition, our monochrome lighting devices are connected with the illiwap citizen application. Your messages are broadcast on both your panels and your application dedicated to the city. This is intended for citizens, free and downloadable on all smartphones. Communicate on Illiwap unlimited: news, agenda, alerts, citizen report …


Because Charvet is aware that informing, preventing, guiding, alerting but also giving a voice to associations and local partners are essential missions of the city, we offer you very high-tech LED devices, made in France, of low consumption , ISO 9001 QUALITY certified and compliant with current standards.

Whatever the size of your municipality or agglomeration, we have the solution adapted to each of your needs and meeting each budget. We offer a long-term rental service from 1 to 7 years, simplified management of your fleet of LED information panels, with easy upgrading to a higher range.

* The pitch is the distance between 2 LEDs, which defines the resolution of an LED screen. The greater the viewing distance from the screen, the greater the pitch. In outdoor displays, the pitch corresponds to the optimal viewing distance of the panel.