To fulfil the varied needs of our customers, we offer several lines of freely customisable LED displays.

You have a unique project? Every Charvet design is unique too!

LED outdoor Promotion

To dress your facades or retail areas or display your communication on a large surface area, Charvet Digital Media proposes bespoke, top-end LED displays.
We adapt the size, frame and resolution of our creations to your project and your specifications. 


  • Three display possibilities: indoor, outdoor or shop window                    
  • Different pitches available                                                                      
  • Wall mounting system: front or back maintenance (depending on the model)


  • Suitable for your exposure challenges to promote retail areas, shopping centres, airports, railway stations, car dealerships…    
  • Simplified programming using the Charvet Video software


Dynamic digital screen: several fitting options

To provide exceptional high definition displays, Charvet Digital Media LED displays are available in three lines:
outdoor, indoor and shop window. They all offer extra-flat modules assembled using invisible joins to create a single large size screen for high definition communication.

Our LED displays are composed of electronic display modules inserted into mechanical boxes each containing several modules. The boxes are then assembled according to the required screen size or format.

Our Outdoor LED display line

To dress your retail area facades or display your communication on a large outdoor surface area, Charvet Digital Media proposes strong, top-end, reliable LED displays. So that it is easier to service these installations, you have the choice between a fixing system at the front or back of the screen. 

Our outdoor LED displays are compliant with regulations covering facade installations: they comply with facade offset standards and do not cover more than 15 to 25% of the available surface area. 


  • Unrivalled visibility;
  • very high brightness for perfect legibility (up to 6,500 cd/m²);
  • Different pitches starting from 4 mm available;
  • Wall mounting system: front or back maintenance (depending on the model)


Our Indoor LED display line

Airports, cinemas, stations, shopping centres, our LED displays adapt to all advertising environments. Select the size and format adapted to your space so that everyone can see your communication. Due to the materials selected, indoor screens are lightweight and thin. The absence of a frame also provides a sleek design.

Does your project require a bespoke creation? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us (by email), we will create unique equipment that matches your specifications to the letter.


– Adapted to retail areas, shopping centres, airports, stations, car dealerships, etc.

– High contrast level and high colour level: 16 bits and 100% image display; 

– High brightness: from 800 to 1,500 cd/m²;

– Pressure moulded aluminium, ultra-thin and lightweight design; 

– Different pitches starting from 0.9 mm available.

Shop window line

For relevant and effective visual communication, our Shop window line is composed of bespoke LED displays. The screens provide excellent visibility, even when located behind a window, regardless of its thickness. Using a fully customisable alignment, advertising panels or presentation banners can be created.

When placed in a shop window, LED displays must take into account different constraints, especially relating to sunlight (heat, reflections, etc.), which is why we have created a specific line to cater to those issues. 


– Meets the specific constraints related to shop window displays;

– Black mask on the front side;

– Colour scale/level: 16 bits, or over 281 billion colours;

– High brightness: 6,000 cd/m² (visible in full sunlight);

– Different pitches available;

– Clear screen version available on request.       

Simplified programming using the Neoscreen software                                                 

The giant advertising screens are programmed using LED screen control software.  Using a Wifi or Ethernet connection, or even a 4G modem, you can control your communication media from a single device. The very easy to use software provides real time display of messages, screen selection and compatibility with different formats. Using its interactive interface, you can schedule sequences, create play lists and save your work in a few seconds. A simulator is also available to check the result before rolling it out to all your panels.”