Citizen app: ILLIWAP
application illiwap

Inform your populations in real time

Cities, towns and communities, inform your populations in real time using the illiwap app, and make citizen signage at their disposal.

Application Information


Directly connected to your LED panels, Illiwap is an app you can use to warn your populations by broadcasting information and alerts quickly and easily.


  • INDEPENDENT: of all phone operators                       
  • RELIABLE: An official source of town hall information                                                      
  • RESPONSIVE: Informs the population in less than 2 minutes!                                                 
  • ANONYMOUS: Respects the privacy of its users (no GDPR declaration)                
  • FREE OF CHARGE for the population


  • A simple and user-friendly administration space reserved for town and city halls                                          
  • Unlimited message sending to local subscribers.                                                     
  • Population signage                                                                                                         
  • Connection with local social media                                                                   
  • Linked to Charvet Digital Media electronic news feeds.

illiwap: a useful everyday citizen app

It is a citizen app designed to favour the broadcast of information to users. It displays your messages and also those that you have decided to broadcast on your LED panels. Illiwap has a simple and user-friendly interface you can use to send your messages in a few clicks from your computer or smartphone.     

News, alerts, practical information and instant notifications, this citizen application will make your life and that of your users easier.

illiwap: an information app designed for communities. 

This citizen app also has full message management. In fact, you can geolocate, schedule and prepare the information you want to broadcast.

You can also use it to send a targeted message, to town hall subscribers for example, but also to a local service such as public transport or waste management.

More than just an information service, illiwap is there for all local players. Indeed, schools, local public services and charities can communicate using the platform. You can also use it to let the population directly notify the departments concerned of any issues or damage.

Summary of illiwap advantages 

A genuine communication tool, this citizen app will make it easier to post information in your city or town and it can also be combined with your LED information panels.

A citizen app that makes it easier to post information

Illiwap is an innovating and fast citizen app that you can use to inform and alert your populations quickly and easily.

– Opening and closing times of various public services

– Canteens, public transport and strikes

– Local information  

– Weather 

– Pollution peaks 

– Road traffic, accidents, etc.

The population is informed in real time, if there are alerts they receive notifications and can search using their news app. You can also redirect messages to a web page.

This information app can also be used to communicate with the different public services. in fact, you can create as many stations as you want to only post information to the departments concerned (municipal police, public services, kindergartens, schools, sports organisations, etc.) Each station can be controlled separately and customised. This feature means you can improve internal communication in the different departments.

An app for everyone 

A simple and easy to use information app for city and town halls, which is also easy to access by populations. In fact, the citizen app is free for users, features no advertising and gives them fast information using notifications on their smartphones. The interface is ergonomic and makes it simple to create messages. 

This citizen app facilitates access to information. There is no longer any need to go to the public service in question, it gives direct access to all the information users need, but also informs of future events.