Lediamedia® line : for dynamic sales communication

Charvet Digital Media has developed the Lediamedia® line: innovating solutions that perfectly blend into the urban landscape to provide modern communication.

Information LED outdoor Promotion


Our colour screens are genuine luminous design fittings that blend perfectly into all retail locations and zones. The Lediamedia® line is available in 4, 5 and 8m², it displays your information in real time and captures the attention of passers-by.


  • Very high brightness and contrast
  • Very wide viewing angle: 170°
  • Display surface area size: portrait 3.11 m² or 3,62 m² and landscape 4.92 m² or 7.68 m²
  • 4 m² street furniture in portrait format, 5 m² and 8 m² landscape format  (compliant with the French ENE 2010 Act and the Grenelle 2 regulations of 1st July 2018)
  • Available in a single side or double parallel side version with led screen or long service life support on the back (printed stretch fabric)


  • Display of text, images and video
  • Video display using over 281 billion colours                                 
  • Your screens are very easy to control using a user-friendly and responsive software programme for instant communication

In the heart of a city centre, in a retail zone, in front of a town hall or on the front of a major chain store: outdoor LED screens are en excellent communication medium. They can be used to display text, images, animations and videos at the same time. This communication equipment highlights all your company or structure key data.                                                  

A giant outdoor LED screen adapted to all your projects

For perfectly visibility, the screen can be mounted on a mast where it will have pride of place. The base of the mast for these outdoor LED screens can also be customised on request. Depending on where they are set up and exposure to the elements, especially wind, different configurations can be considered to create a unique screen that matches your specifications perfectly.                                                                                                                                              

Information everyone can see in all circumstances

The size of our screens means they can be seen from a long way off. They are available in several sizes: 4, 5 and 8m² and have two formats (portrait or landscape). And for those seeking a sober modern design, our outdoor LED screens are also available without a frame.

These screens are used to display precise information and therefore need high display quality. That is why we have fitted them with high definition resin-encapsulated diodes, an effective and reliable component that gives a very bright result. However, brightness can be adjusted using the day/night mode to prevent motorists and passers-by from being dazzled at the end of the day.   

Specific software to programme outdoor LED screens

Charvet Digital Media screens use our latest display technology innovations. For example, video has up to 281 billion colours for a clear and accurate result. Our screens are supplied with very easy to use programming software so that updating your displayed content is simple. This online software provides access to and secure storage on our servers. Multiple image, animation and video formats are supported, and the same software can manage displays on several screens. In short, you have centralised, simplified access to all your visual communication, a solution that will save you time every day.

Quality and protection of the environment: Charvet Digital Media commitments

We have the same concerns as our customers, which is why we insist on offering cost effective, environmentally friendly and reliable equipment. 

Our outdoor LED screens are produced in Europe and comply with CE and RoHS standards. Oriented by the French Grenelle 2 directives, our screens have dazzle prevention systems, low electricity consumption and can be switched off at night in areas involved in protecting the night sky from light pollution.  

With over 40 years experience and over 10,000 customer references, our commitment to quality has shown its worth. Don’t hesitate to give us your projects!