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The digital, connected signage solution

More than just street furniture.

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iGirouette® is the first moving, real time, digital, connected sign-post system! 100% stand-alone, iGirouette® interacts with people and indicates the direction to go in and the time to reach a point of interest. This innovation is fully in line with the digital and smart city era.


  • 2 dynamic 360° rotating arrows showing which direction to follow to go to the selected location 
  • Interactive display of information on very high resolution screens
  • Visible close up and from a distance 
  • Real time connection to better manage the information
  • Interactive signage thanks to geolocation 
  • Message management software and connected app 

IGirouette video

iGirouette®: discover the connected sign-posting of the future. 

More than just digital street furniture, iGirouette® was designed to be a one-of-a-kind communication tool. It is a revolution in connected sign-posting. The solution is not just intended for cities, towns and communities, it can also be used to manage crowd flows in stadiums, shopping centres, stations and airports, hospitals, amusement parks, universities or even business districts.  

It is a dynamic display that adapts to the information and directs pedestrians in a completely new way. In fact, iGirouette® is a digital, multi-directional panel connected to a mobile app that accompanies passers-by in their discovery and itinerary.

iGirouette®: designed for cities, towns and communities.

It has never been easier to give directions to and inform citizens and travellers using this connected sign-post. The iGirouette® is a dynamic display innovation and was designed to need the needs of “smart cities”. Populations are given directions, but also have access to additional information relating to their centres of interest directly on their mobile app (events, sports and culture, transport, nature, heritage, restaurants and bars, shops.)   

Give easy directions using connected sign-posting. 

iGirouette displays the destination location, the direction to move in and the associated travel time (pedestrian, cyclist, tram passenger, etc.).  Contrary to a classic sign-post, iGirouette® dynamically calculates the distance and time and displays directions to events and itineraries depending on the location coordinates in real time.  You can thus direct to the different locations while informing users of the events being held there and even the possible waiting times to get in.  Besides the possibility of installing iGirouette® in the street for everyday sign-posting needs, you can also use them for your events (Make music day, trade shows, forums, etc.)

Communicate about your events. 

Acquiring a connected sign-posting system will not only allow you to give users directions but also give them real time information. You no longer just tell them where a location is, you also tell them what is going on there in real time: waiting times, exhibitions, events. Using this dynamic sign-posting, you facilitate soft mobility while strengthening the exposure of your events.  

iGirouette: the digital solution for retailers. 

Choose connected sign-posting and enhanced customer experience using this simplified sign-posting tool. Using iGirouette®, you can interact with consumers, give them directions and also provide them the latest news about your store. The difficulty lies in providing all the information and the directions that consumers may need. To deal with that issue, Charvet Digital Media proposes a 2.0 dynamic display combining sign-posting and a communication tool. Users can also search for the information themselves using the mobile app.

iGirouette: sign-posting adapted to sports and cultural infrastructures. 

Guiding the public to different points of interest has never been easier with iGirouette®. Visitors and tourists are always the first to complain about a lack of information in some infrastructures even though they are the ones who need it the most. Connected sign-posting allows you to better manage crowd flows and therefore reduce waiting times in very crowded locations. Dynamic display makes it possible to be responsive and provide users instant communication: waiting times, opening times, updates, etc. Using the mobile app, users can target their searches: events, leisure and sports, culture, nature, transport, etc.
Benefit from digital experimentation and strengthen your innovating image while significantly improving the customer experience.