Indoor LCD video totem

Digital communication as close as possible to your audience

In the digital era, choose interactive and dynamic communication. Thanks to its very high resolution and its touch option, indoor video totems let you interact with consumers while increasing the exposure of your content.

indoor Information LCD

An indoor video totem is a true communication tool. Not only does it broadcast your content but you can also interact with your visitors through the touch option.  It is design furniture with an effective display system and easy management using the associated software: Neoscreen.


  • FULL HD LCD screen 
  • Different screen sizes: 22”, 43”, 55” and 65” (on request)
  • USB connection or connection using the Neoscreen software
  • 2 built-in 2W speakers
  • Supported formats: AVI, MPEG 1 and 2, MP4 and JPG 
  • Auto-run video and audio content 
  • Possibility of dressing the totem


  • A quality visual experience 
  • Promote your establishment
  • Content management and creation using Neoscreen 
  • Touch option to encourage interactions

Indoor video totems: for interactive and dynamic communication  

Much more than a video display system, indoor video totems using LCD screen technology (LCD technology: liquid crystal display) give you the possibility of interacting with your customers while broadcasting your videos and other content in very high resolution.   It is also design furniture with an effective display system and easy management for a dynamic result that promotes your image.

Choose high impact communication using indoor totems

Video displays let you communicate more, and more relevantly than classic displays. In fact, using an LCD screen, you can not only broadcast high resolution visuals, but also videos and animations to attract the attention of passers by even more, and thus increase your exposure. Using the Neoscreen software, you can create varied content and easily manage how your messages are posted. Installing indoor or outdoor LCD totems allows you to vary your content and become more attractive.  Indoor video totems will therefore highlight your communication while facilitating its broadcast using programming software connected to the LCD totem.  

Enhance interactions with customers and visitors using LCD touch screens 

By using video display systems such as indoor totems, you can interact with your customers using the touch option. Therefore, depending on the features you select, users can access information in just a few clicks. This video display lets you directly interact with consumers and adopt a new communication strategy that is closer to visitors. 

Communicate outside your store too with outdoor totems  

Even though dynamic display systems are often installed indoors, it is also relevant to supplement your equipment approach with outdoor totems.  In fact, to boost your image with passers-by, what better than an attractive shop front, which is what we offer with outdoor video totems.