LEDIASPORT® : giant screen for your stadium
écran périmétrique stade

LEDIASPORT® giant screen for your stadium!

Deploy a real communication strategy for all your events with our custom digital signage solutions.

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In Brief :

Think big for sports and offer your spectators a unique experience with our LEDIASPORT® LED giant screen range. High resolution LED screens for an exceptional visual rendering of your sporting events anywhere in your stadium.   


Features :   

  • Very high brightness and contrast,  
  • An automatic brightness adjustment for a suitable reading day and night.  
  • Very wide reading angle: 170°.  
  • Furniture on mat or wall of 5 m² and 8 m² in landscape or custom size   
  • Available in single or double sided parallel, with led screen or long life support on the back side (printed stretched canvas)  

Services :  

  • Visual interaction with your audience  
  • Real-time broadcast of the game and scores,   
  • Video display in over 281 trillion colors,  
  • A very simple piloting of your screens thanks to an intuitive and responsive software for an instantaneous communication.  

LEDIASPORT® giant screen to offer a unique experience to your supporters  

Because there is nothing more frustrating for a supporter than not being able to see a match when he is a little far away, we recommend installing high-performance LED giant screens in your sports arena! Gain in visibility you will win the heart of your spectators!   

Our LED display solutions meet the needs of all sports, including soccer, basketball, handball, tennis, golf, motor sports, and more.  The giant advertising screens allow the promotion of partners and make the sports marketing animations more lively thanks to video display.  

We have equipped infrastructures such as the Groupama stadium in Lyon as well as the stadiums in Brest, Lorient and Reims.   

High performance LED giant screen    

Image quality is of paramount importance to us, that’s why we define together the most suitable resolution for the reading distance for an outdoor or indoor device. LED technology offers an optimal visual experience for the viewers. Our solutions also have a reading angle of 170° and automatically adjust according to the brightness for a better reading during the day and night.   

LEDIASPORT ® LED giant screen outdoor / outdoor  

Outdoor devices have specific characteristics for outdoor installation. In particular, they are made of open-air resin diodes with front protection fins to protect the LEDs from potential shocks as well as from rain. The perimeters also benefit from a rear opening system to facilitate maintenance. Hence, our giant LED displays are designed to withstand external hazards.   

Perimeters, LED Tower Display, Indoor Video Totem Pole   

There are many other communication solutions for your sports infrastructure.  

You can choose to showcase your sponsors thanks to round-the-court screens. A perimeter is a device that will allow you to highlight your partners while ensuring the sustainability of your structure through the profitability of this solution.  

You can also equip the inside of your stadium with an indoor video totem to broadcast your information in real time and guide your spectators.  

We accompany you in your equipment project, from design to installation, we put our experience and know-how at the service of your communication.   


*The pitch is the distance between 2 LEDs, which defines the resolution of a LED screen.