Outdoor LCD video totems
Totem LCD outdoor
Totem LCD outdoor
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Totem LCD outdoor

First impressions are often decisive

First impressions are often decisive. So it’s important to take care of the outside of your store, sports complex, cultural centre or other structures. Charvet Digital Media therefore proposes outdoor video display systems such as outdoor LCD totems that provide high resolution dynamism and interactivity.

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Outdoor video totems are dynamic display solutions composed of an LCD screen showing high resolution content. More than just design furniture, they let you broadcast your content and also interact with visitors. Content creation and management are made easy by the Neoscreen software.


  • FULL HD LCD screen 
  • Different screen sizes: 55”, 65”, 75”
  • USB connection or connection using the Neoscreen software
  • Galvanised steel furniture
  • Protective window 
  • Possibility of Wifi or 4G connections
  • Auto-run video and audio content 
  • Possibility of dressing the totem 


  • A quality visual experience 
  • Promote your establishment
  • Content management and creation using Neoscreen 
  • Touch option to encourage interactions

Withstands the outdoor environment     

Outdoor video totems: : increased exposure at hands’reach

Outdoor video displays let you communicate more widely to increased numbers, but also to boost your image using this design and interactive furniture. LCD totems offer a very high resolution image and better visibility. You can create and manage your content easily using the Neoscreen software. A touch option is also available so that you can interact with users by proposing different features such as pin-pointing their location, providing news or information about future events.

Increase your exposure using outdoor video displays

Installing an outdoor video display system increases the reach of your communication and generates interest.  LCD screens are very high resolution and make content much more pleasant to watch, which is something when the purpose is to attract the attention of passers-by. Outdoor totems are genuine showcases for your establishment.

Boost your dynamism using LCD screens.

You also bolster the dynamic and modern image of your business by proposing animated, very high quality content on the LCD screens. By choosing to install an outdoor video display system, you can promote your image with visitors. Video can also be used to attract spectators’ attention so that your content has increased impact. That is why video display systems are increasingly used to replace classic display systems.

Communicate indoors too  

Charvet Digital Media also recommends communicating inside your structure using video display systems such as indoor video totems. Indeed, using LCD screens and their touch option, you can improve the visitor experience within your structure by giving them easy access to the information they need.


totem lumineux

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