Very high performance indoor video, shop window and touch screens

High resolution LCD screens

Video is increasingly used for communication. That is why Charvet Digital Media proposes high resolution LCD screens so that your communication can be enhanced and have increased exposure

indoor Information LCD


Indoor video screens are very effective dynamic display solutions. Indeed, using LCD screen technology, you can broadcast your content in very high quality and thereby improve the exposure of your information to visitors.


  • Ultra-thin, modern and lightweight design
  • FULL HD LCD screen 
  • Different screen sizes: 43”, 55”, 65”
  • Image wall possible starting from 4 screens
  • Adapted support: wall mounted, directional, sloping or column  
  • Connection by USB or HDMI 
  • Display of up to 4 FULL HD contents at the same time 
  • Programming using Videobox and Neoscreen software



  • A quality visual experience 
  • Promote your establishment
  • Content management and creation using Neoscreen 

Indoor LCD video screen: a digital solution adapted to your needs.

Indoor video screens can be installed in different structures: superstores, shopping centres, sports complexes and others. They also have different uses: advertising, signage, sports broadcasts, etc. In fact, the purpose of this solution is to dynamise and facilitate the broadcast of information while providing a better user experience. Furthermore, you can adapt your LCD screen using different versions in order to better include them in your structure and stand out.

Improve information posting using high resolution video displays.

Indoor video screens are communication media that provide very high visibility thanks to their high resolution. The better the image resolution, the more your content will attract attention. This is why we recommend LCD screens for video displays. Give your visitors quality content, it will be far more appreciated and noticed. Moreover, you can easily create and manage the posting of your messages using the associated software. 

Dynamise your content using an LCD screen 

Indoor video screens allow you to boost the dynamic and modern image of your establishment by creating animated and attractive content. By choosing to install an indoor video display system, you can promote your image with customers or visitors. Video can also be used to attract spectators’ attention so that your content has increased impact. That is why video display systems are increasingly used to replace classic display systems.