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Clervaux city

The city of Clervaux put 5 iGirouette fixed in strategic places of the city. And a mobile iGirouette used ad hoc basis.

The city is equipped with 5 iGirouette fixed.
One iGirouette is located outside the center of the city, near the station, at the first intersection of the roads entering the city from Eselborn, Lentzweiler and Urspelt. 4 iGirouette are located right in the city center: entrance A, along the pedestrian zone (Place du Marché and Place de la Liberation) and near the parking Place de la Liberation (access entrance B pedestrian zone). As a result, each time the iGirouettewas placed, visitors/pedestrians had the time to discover the messages, read them and find the important places to discover in the city.
The messages broadcast are indications of tourist places, points of view, directions to tourist platforms, schedules of museums and the famous exhibition The Family of Man and punctual appointments in Clervaux. To these messages are added the signage of car parks and public places.
In addition, there remains a mobile vane that will be placed as needed in a strategic location on an ad hoc basis.