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Groupama Stadium – Lyon

Groupama Stadium

CHARVET DIGITAL MEDIA accompanies the Groupama Stadium in the long term with different digital display solutions:

  • In January 2016: Installation of 2 giant screens of 88sqm each, in the bleachers,
  • In April 2016: Setting up 256 meters of UEFA certified advertising screens in the field, as a perimeter circuit,
  • In November 2016: Installation of a screen of 9sqm at the Training Honor Stadium of the feminine team of the Olympique Lyonnais,
  • In December 2016: in partnership with the company CAPSA CONTAINER, integration of a 9sqm screen, coupled with a sound system, in a container installed on the forecourt of the stadium,
  • In May 2018: 12 iGirouette set around the stadium to guide and to orient visitors to their centers of interest (entrance and access to the stands for supporters, access to seminars and conferences for businesses, … and all other access: catering, parking, public transport ….)
  • In January 2019: Installation of an 11 m² indoor custom screen in the VIP eLounge