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Since the ability to display sales information in real time while simultaneously, reducing costs is crucial to successful sales strategy, Charvet Digital Media offers adapted solutions to meet all kinds of needs.

Increase visibility to improve your brand identification

Between the battle for a catchment area, saturated urban environments and extreme competition, it can be difficult to boost visibility of your brand. Sales communication today is a fast-growing and constantly developing sector in which Charvet Digital Media has a proven track record. Our large choice of LED screens for retail sectors allows everyone to become visible and remain so.

A custom-made LED display board for your business

Mainly dedicated to commerce and retail, our digital LED screens have several customizable options because we know that every project is unique.
Charvet Digital Media has developed LED display boards that integrate into your interior or exterior architecture harmoniously. On the facade of your building, placed in your store windows or entrance hall, our LED screens allow you to display your promotions, publicity spots, and your brand name in high definition.
Do you wish to add an in-store display screen to your elegant sales space? Opt for a Charvet Digital Media transparent screen and sublimate your interior design. Would you like your store or business to be visible from a distance? Choose our large format outdoor LED screens, as a stand-alone structure or fixed onto the face of your building.

Innovative solutions which can adapt to all sectors

Price displays for hotels and service stations

Some business sectors require specific equipment to communicate with their customers and develop their presence in a catchment area. This is particularly true of hotels and service stations which must display their prices in large format in order to be competitive. In addition to LED screen technology, Charvet Digital Media offers price LED displays boards with mechanical segments that are easy to manipulate and update.

iGirouette: innovation with multiple uses

iGirouette is an intelligent signage that offers real time solutions for orienting people on their chosen itineraries. The system is also designed to display promotional messages in specific contexts, as relevant to the given location or structure.
  • Color screen

    Color screen

    Don't wait any longer to highlight your point of sale and disseminate your promotional activities! The high definition LED displays of our colour panels allow you to be visible from distance and to become unmissable in your catchment area, increasing your number of visitors and thus your customers.

    Our solutions comply with the new regulations, reducing external advertising to a surface area of less than 8 m².

  • Price Display

    Price Display

    Provide information, with ease and visibility, on the price of fuel at service stations or of hotel rooms, in order to attract the maximum possible attention at your point of sale!

  • iGirouette


    Imagine a new form of digital signage: Discover iGirouette® world exclusive innovation. The first interactive signage device, connected, in motion and in real time! With iGirouette, renew your customer experience!