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Color screen

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Our LED color screens are the ideal POS Advertising format in order to communicate dynamically. Broadcast your special offers, quiz competitions, and in-store actions on a single media in order to simplify your business operations and reduce your costs. Broadcast more attractively and dynamically your advertising in colour.

  • Transparent architectural concept

    Transparent displays

    • Dissemination if all your visual media
    • Unparalleled transparency
    • Lighweight: between 12kg/m² and 17kg/m²
    • Easy to install
    • Easy-to-use software

    Digital advertising screen

    • Dissemination of all of your media: text, images, animations, videos
    • High definition screen, 2.07 to 2.76 m²
    • User-friendly software for a large range of creation possibilities
  • Designer of Tailor-made Digital Architectures

    Dynamic digital screen on point of sale

    • Dissemination of all your visual media
    • Create your own screen size
    • Indoors, outdoors and window screens
    • Designed according to your specifications
  • Lediamedia

    Advertising and digital signage

    • Multimedia displays: JPG, GIF, PNG, AVI …
    • Large format: ergonomic signage, 4, 5 or 8 m²
    • Simple and user-friendly software
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