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At the forefront of NICTs, Charvet Digital Media developed a new tool, a unique solution which is a revolution on the signage market: iGirouette®.

The first live interactive directional device. iGirouette® is composed of 2 arrows, autonomous, connected, equipped with LED screens front and back, rotating 360 ° about their axis. This new moving solution offers a reinvented signage indicating in real time the path to follow to find a point of interest, in full interaction with users through its mobile application.

  • iGirouette

    iGirouette, which use ?

    • Commercial information: good plans, promotions, events, sales...
    • Commercial daily use: parking lots, terminals, plans, bathroom...
    • Information public transport: bus, train stations, taxis & soft modes...
    • Management flow and traffic info: work, deviations, dynamic staking...
    • Route events: festivals, fairs & shows...
    • Additional nearby places: restaurants, shops, places of life...
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