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Innovation & Design

Innovation & Design

At CHARVET DIGITAL MEDIA, innovation and design are intrinsic values. Our policy also was awarded:

- Of a star of the Design 2017 - Innovation Award.

- But also the Label of Design 2017,

- Of the Trophy of objects connected - category Transport & mobility – price of the best Navigation aid (2016).

- The trophy of competitiveness (spring of Entrepreneurs 2016).

Every day, we are accompanied by various structures in our innovation policy:

- We work with the CCI INNOVATION space that helps companies in their innovation process. The CCI connects with experts, organizes group programs and allows access to funding.

- We have BPI France (ex-OSEO) support that promotes innovation and the growth of SMEs. BPI France’s mission is to fund and support SMEs, the aim being to ensure a greater continuity in the chain of financing for their projects, thanks to the complementarity of its three businesses: support for innovation funding investments and the cycle of operation in partnership with banks and guarantee bank financing and equity interventions.

- We are part of the CLUSTER LUMIÈRE Association with objectives to strengthen innovation around the new technologies of lighting in response to economic issues and sustainable development and promoting competitiveness and the development of the regional economic fabric, by the creation of networks of businesses and local, national and international partnerships.

- We are also ambassadors of Ain which is a group of companies that emanates from the General Council of the Ain and the ICC. Its mission is to support businesses industrial and services industries in their project in Ain.

- Finally, we are part of the TUBÀ, which helps the development of innovative services while promoting the participation of citizens in the dynamics of creation and innovation.