Transparent screen of 70m² at UGC Vélizy 2 (78)

UGC Vélizy 2 – Vélizy (78) :

Transparent screen of 70m²

Discover our digital LED solutions for the broadcasting of your entertainment and culture content with our LED screens. Our tailor-made installations in UGC cinemas.

LED technology at the service of culture

Thanks to the advancement of LED technology, Charvet Digital Media is now able to perform tailor-made projects customised to location, type of content and customer needs. The condition for the success of our major projects involves a good understanding of the architecture of the place and the purpose of the content that will be broadcast by our screens.

The example of UGC cinemas

Charvet Digital Media now has three major additional projects with UGC cinemas (Vélizy, Parly and Le Normandie on the Champs-Elysées) using two distinct technologies chosen according to the customer’s wishes and needs.

First transparent LED screen at UGC Vélizy 2

This is the first transparent screen used in the world of cinema, installed in March 2020 at the entrance to the recently renovated Vélizy 2 shopping center (78). The screen wall measures approximately 70m² and shows a video work produced for the occasion by Hector Castells-Matutano, contemporary artist and videographer.
The transparent screen is a solution that makes it possible to obtain a translucent effect that is visible day and night thanks to a principle of modular vertical or horizontal LED strips. This installation ensures good visibility of the content both for shopping centre customers who see it in bright sunlight and for those who go to the cinema in the evening.

Our indoor and outdoor LED screens

The UGC Ciné Cité de Parly has acquired a unique and modern architecture by Pierre Chican, in which we installed a 23m² screen with bevelled shapes to complement the aesthetic of the hall. This project led to us being nominated for the e-Visions gold icon (Professional organization in visual communication) in the category “Digital achievement award”: real recognition of our efforts to find solutions that best integrate within the places where we install our screens.
Outdoors, this is another feat achieved this summer by our Charvet technicians with the installation of a 38m² LED screen at UGC Le Normandie (the largest LED surface on the Champs Elysées). With a resolution of 1344 x 1856 pixels, this large screen allows you to broadcast trailers and other content in high definition.

Charvet Digital Media’s know-how at the service of culture

The great challenge of installations in the field of culture and entertainment is to know how to combine screens that aesthetically blend within the place and its architecture while guaranteeing a quality and broadcast resolution equal to the content.
Here, with UGC cinemas, trailers must be broadcast with optimal resolution and it is our role at Charvet Digital Media to find the technological solutions that best address this issue.