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Charvet Digital Media is a member of the Only Out of Home (OOOH) organisation

Charvet Digital Media is a member of Only Out Of Home, an association of suppliers in the outdoor advertising industry. Only Ooh's goal is to promote, develop and ensure the outdoor advertising business.


Charvet Digital Media is part of Only Out of Home, a non-profit for display sector suppliers. 

What are OOH and DOOH?

OOH stands for Out Of Home, or outdoor advertising. Outdoor / Out Of Home displays consists in placing an advertising message on a medium exposed in a public location, in particular on luminous panels or street furniture. People also talk about DOOH, or Digital Out Of Home, in other words outdoor digital displays, which are increasingly present. These are interactive display panels and connection media.

Outdoor advertising, whether digital or not, is part of the 6 major advertising media and is in 3rd position behind the press and television.

The Only Out Of Home organisation

Only Out Of Home is an association composed of display sector suppliers. Originally it was the Only Ooh collective which has recently become a non-profit (August 2020). The purpose of Only Ooh is to promote, develop and ensure outdoor display professions in particular by organising events. In fact, Only Ooh has organised the display encounters during which sector professionals were able to exchange on the different issues involving outdoor display.  During the 2nd display encounters, the theme was: “the place of the general public in the public space”. Thanks to discussions during these display encounters, Only Ooh makes it possible for the different players to better prepare the future.

Why is Charvet Digital Media a member of this non-profit?

As a French manufacturer of electronic display solutions for over 40 years, Charvet Digital Media wants to carry on innovating and sharing its experience to benefit the display sector. The display encounters are important events for the players in this sector because they make it possible to share our vision of this constantly changing sector of activity. This work on the challenges of the display sector makes it possible for us to better understand the expectations of the different players and thereby better fulfil them using ever more innovating communication solutions. As Charvet Digital Media’s goal is to promote your image and your communication, it is only natural that we do all we can to have the best possible approach to the subject and recommend the dynamic display solutions best adapted to your needs.