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CHARVET MEDIA CREATOR a software to manage your equipment

Charvet Digital Media has created, for you, a software to drive monochrome screen! Eventually, it will also allow the management of full color screen and iGirouette, by 2021-2022!


CHARVET MEDIA CREATOR is the new software that will allow you to manage remotely and in real time your billboards, from your smartphone, tablet or computer while bringing added value to your communication thanks to an ergonomic interface, a simple and modern use facilitating the creation of your messages.   

Advantages of the CHARVET MEDIA CREATOR software   

created by CHARVET DIGITAL MEDIA for its productions, it goes without saying that this management software is the most suitable for your communication. The advantages are numerous, it allows you to generate qualitative contents thanks to many templates and also to manage all your devices on the same platform. A real time saving in the management of your communication.   

Management of the diffusion of your messages   

Thanks to CHARVET MEDIA CREATOR, you can plan the broadcasting of all your messages on all your devices, consult in real time the broadcasting of messages, manage priority messages if necessary.   

Content creation 

In order to enhance your communication while saving time, CHARVET MEDIA CREATOR has numerous templates, text and image appearance animations as well as a large library of animated gifs.   

Quarterly evolutions   

Because innovation is one of the strong values of our company, we have chosen to implement quarterly upgrades on this software in order to be at the forefront of your communication. Thus, new templates, gifs, animations and functionalities will be added on a regular basis.   

A customer service   

If needed, an after-sales service contact form is available on the software in order to answer your needs. Our customer service has a platform of all customer devices allowing a real time feedback of the diagnostics. This allows us to reinforce our reactivity and to focus our efforts on the problem during interventions.