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The outdoor dynamic display boom
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Outdoor dynamic display, also known as DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) covers the different digital communication solutions such as giant LED advertising screens or digital totems. An increasing number of brands are using these systems to boost their communications. These communications solutions offer many more possibilities than conventional displays and consumers appreciate them. 

Outdoor dynamic displays grew by 10.2% between 2018 and 2019.

Will DOOH replace OOH?

OOH means Out Of Home and refers to conventional outdoor displays. Since the 2000s, DOOH has been growing and offers new ways to communicate that are more dynamic and interactive. Outdoor digital displays attract both advertisers and major chain stores.  Indeed, this new connected communication medium can be used to broadcast information in real time, with better display quality using LED or LCD technology.  

That being said, conventional outdoor display is still growing and remains one of the symbols of outdoor advertising.  

Dynamic display and point of sale advertising 

Dynamic display in retail areas is used to present products or services or communicate on future events. Using connected technology, advertisers can draw up their special offers and news in real time.  LED screens make it possible for chain stores to communicate on their special offers and news more dynamically and also interact with customers. 

Dynamic display and information

The advantage of dynamic display panels is to be able to broadcast and update the content at all times. Indeed, LED screens are connected to a control platform allowing you to manage and adapt the broadcast of your content. This is why dynamic display is increasingly replacing classic displays which are not flexible enough at a time when information changes constantly and requires high degrees of responsiveness.