Our Human and Corporate VALUES

At Charvet Digital Media, YOU are our priority.

To achieve all our objectives and commitments to our customers, at Charvet Digital Media we are close to our customers and are on a human scale.

People, the guarantors of our know-how

As we would not be a business without our people, Charvet Digital Media is organised around a team of 45 multi-discipline specialists so that we can offer a solution to every request while guaranteeing that all employees can fulfil their professional development.

Our sales department experts can advise and support you in finding the most suitable solution for your requirements and objectives.

The design office, on the look out for the latest trends and technologies, is in charge of designing the products and developing the management software.

Our production department manufactures all the standard and bespoke solutions according to a strict and controlled process.

The technical and customer departments work on site to install and inspect equipment, but also to train you in how to use the screen management and control software. We also provide maintenance and servicing (preventative and curative) to anticipate any possible malfunction.

A customer Hotline is available to answer any technical or operational questions you may have.

Finally, the quality department measures your satisfaction, the compliance of all processes and organises continuous improvement.

Certified quality

Charvet Digital Media is ISO 9001 AFAQ certified since 2001 and thus fulfils the specifications for that certification:

– Constant product quality requirements

– Strict compliance with standards

– Continuous improvement through performance indicators

– Quality control before and after design and production 

– Protection of know-how and implementation of processes to guarantee customer satisfaction.